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What to Look For in Wedding Photography Packages

32There are thousands of wedding photographers offering thousands of different photo packages to make your wedding day complete. Some just charge a few hundred dollars to show up on the day and shoot, others charge thousands for elaborative packages with endless options. How do you choose from so many, and how do you know you’re getting the best deal?

The average cost for a wedding photographer can vary based on several factors. Much depends on the quality of work of the photographer and expertise he delivers. Depending on your budget, the most important thing is to get the highest quality photos, with or without all the extra frills.

First of all, here is what they should offer as a basic minimum:

1) Full photographic coverage, an online album and ALL of your digital negatives. Most offer unlimited number of pictures taken but some packages may limit the number, check for this.

2) For optimum flexibility with pricing, you should be able to choose from different time range packages, starting from a minimum of 4 hours to complete full day, from pre-wedding photos until the party into the wee hours if you want.

3) You should have printing rights to all photos.

Extra touches in wedding photography packages can include:

1) DVD slideshow to music. This is something most people want, especially if they are able to choose the music, as it sums up the day in one beautiful presentation.

2) Extra 8×12 or 11×14 enlargements which the couple gets to choose.

3) A wedding album (ranging from 30 – 300 photos). Buying extra pages in your album is usually an option.

Above and Beyond Packages:

1) Pre-wedding photo session such as the bride and groom getting ready or an engagement photo session.

2) Includes an album from the engagement photo session you can show to your guests at the wedding.

3) Fancy extras such as coffee table art books, digital magazine style albums, hybrid albums, canvases, acrylics, or blocks.

A meet and greet engagement photo session is a great way to start your wedding storybook, and also to see the photographer in action before the big day. This is a sure-fire way to be certain you have made the right choice in photographer.

It is always a good idea to compare photographer prices in your area. If you live in a big city you may be paying more for a photographer based there compared to a smaller town. It doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is better because they charge more. If you get an out of town photographer to try to save money, they may charge extra for the commute. Compare and research.

Keep in mind that additional photographer hours can cost up to $150. You can also choose to have a second photographer to capture impromptu moments with your guests while you are being photographed with your spouse. This can cost from anywhere between $300 – $600.

One thing to remember is that if you are able to buy the basic package first, then purchase add-ons later, make sure the photographer will honor the original package price and you are not penalized for adding the extras. As you have no idea how the photos will turn out until after they’re taken and developed, it is a reasonable request.

Of course you can choose to create an album yourself with the online photo CD you will receive, but this can be extremely time consuming in the aftermath of a busy time. If you want to leave it to the professionals, all wedding photography albums should come with life-time warranty and be of top quality.

Some wedding packages offer complete services which include DJ, videographer and full photography package. It is worth comparing how much this all costs separately before going for the ‘package deal’ which may not be a deal at all.

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Importance of Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

59Talking of weddings, you can picture in mind a very special day for couples in love. You may be imagining a day when your fairy tale dream comes true. You think of it as an event where couples are the main actor and actress. In making this dream a reality, lots of preparation needs to be done. In attending into the details for the big day, make sure that pre-wedding photography is a part of it.

Pre-nuptial photo shoot is mostly a part of the wedding photographers’ package. This can be done at a venue of the couples’ choice, either indoor or outdoor. Here are some reasons why a pre-wedding photo shoot is a need.

• Knowing your wedding photographer well. This gives the couple a chance to know more about the wedding photographer. It will make the couple and the photographer more comfortable with each other as you spend more time together on the wedding day.

• Exchange ideas. You can tell the photographer what you like and dislike. This way, the photographer will know what to do and when to take action on your “big day”.

• Experience how your photographer works. Through this, you get to know how your photographer works. If you like it, you made the good choice. If you don’t, you still have enough time to look for a better photographer.

• Get photos of natural looking couple. This is your chance of taking pictures where you will look naturally beautiful and not as bride and groom. Do it in a more relaxed and informal setting than the wedding venue.

• Can be used for wedding invitations. You can choose a picture from your pre-wedding photos that you can use for your invitations. Not only that, use it also on other wedding details where you can use your photos especially for a slide show at the reception.

Doing pre-wedding shoots are fun. Set it on a weekday as wedding photographers are busy on weekends. You can do it anywhere you want, much better if you can have it at your planned venue. This will also help you get to look at the details of the wedding venue. Last but not the least; never forget to sign a contract between you and the wedding photographer. Read carefully before signing to avoid misunderstanding and future problem with your photographer. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on terms that are not clear to you.

Valuable Benefits of Professional Wedding Photography

58Wedding day is the most auspicious and important day of one’s life and its beautiful snapshots are one of the most valuable items in the most valuable treasure box of memories. Weddings are an altogether collection of the special ceremonies and capturing its every single flavor is a complex job which needs proper mechanism and precision.

Professional wedding photography services came into the picture with the drastic growth in demand for capturing the wedding snapshots in a perfect way. This arena of photography depends on certain essential factors like the photography devices, artistic approach and the relevant experience to capture graceful and beautiful wedding moments. Hiring a professional wedding photographer enables one to get more incredible pictures thereby raising the charm of the memories.


One of the vital components which one should seek for is an efficacious sense of style. By hiring a competent wedding photography professional whose style matches up to the specific requirements and preferences enables the wedding couple to get the a perfect look. One can do a brief research about the distinctive forms of wedding photography and thereby hire a wedding photographer who is well experienced in that particular form.

Accustomed with High-End Devices

Professional wedding photographers are familiar with the advanced camera and other advanced devices which capture of the pictures in a precise way. Moreover, they use certain backup equipments also to avoid the failures and uncertainties during the event. Ranging from the camera stand to battery chargers to other needed tools they enjoy proper access to many extra accessories, lenses and lights which may need at the time of capturing photos.

Standard Works and Flow of Time

With relevant experience, the experts can deal with all the noted possibilities of the wedding day and in comparison to the other non-professional photographers, they can deal with any kind of situation and deliver standard work. Moreover, these keen professionals are efficient in making best use of timing and flow for image capturing. They capture beautiful pictures in a systematic way which can feature various human emotions with spontaneity and laughter.

Reliability and Communication

One should hire a professional wedding photographer who can communicate well with the entire bridal ceremony members. In general, they are able to capture the real emotions of the members of the wedding party by interacting with them in a relaxing and compassionate way.

Professional wedding photographers provide photography services with a perfect blend of quality and creativity. The main benefit of capturing the most treasured pictures of wedding ceremony by a professional wedding photographer is that they can make the people look in a natural and elegant way thereby raising the overall charm and beauty of them.

6 Tips to Follow Before Hiring a Photo Booth

57An image booth has evolved a great deal since its inception. It consists of a curtained booth that can accommodate people to take candid and playful pictures of themselves without being self-conscious.

An image cabinet installation is something that is noticed in most weddings. It has replaced the concept of a photographer waiting for people to come and have an image clicked.

People can simply get into the box, use props if required and get a photograph of themselves. The images are sometimes printed instantly letting the guests have a memento as a memory. Before setting it up at weddings, there are a few tips that one should keep in mind.

• Listing agencies that rent out photo booths – There are varied agencies in urban cities that have these boxes and provide them to people on rent. Special occasions such as weddings, parties, etc. have special demands for such boxes. Listing down the names of agencies can help people decide on the ones that are close to their vicinity.

• Comparing rates – While hiring these boxes, the agencies put out quotes along with the rates. These rates may include additional specifications such as picture printing, props, changeable backdrops, etc. comparing the rates and coming to a conclusion is something that is difficult but after looking at all aspects, one should make a decision.

• Deciding on the appearance – These boxes are available in varied shapes and sizes. Shapes like booths, kiosks, tents, curtained rooms, etc. are available. Choosing the one that suits the wedding theme is something one can put up as a preference.

• Checking out the varied functions – These boxes have unique functions to its name. Couples may intend to present photographs as mementos to their guests. They may want to include special props and backdrops and thus checking whether they are of good quality and are hygienic is something one should keep in mind.

• Adding a fun factor to the party – Whenever people attend parties, they intend to have fun and make the most of the event. Wedding couples too intend to let their guest have a wonderful time at their wedding. Adding fun props and letting the guests let their hair down and take quirky pictures while being themselves.

• Finalizing the type of image prints – Apart from letting guests take away images as mementos, there are several agencies who intend to provide digital copies of the images captured that can be converted into image albums later.

Details on Wedding Photo Enhancement

56Matrimony is one of the most important events in any person’s life and both the bride and the groom would like to imprint the memories of the big day in their brains. Although most of the important moments would be easy to remember, it would be a pleasure to own an album that has all the memories in print and for everyone to view at any time.

It is a well-known fact that marriage marks the beginning of a journey that the bride and groom are going to embark upon together. The ceremony requires a photographer who in spite of all the commotion manages to click images of the important moments in progress.

Weddings have always been a place of complete disarray for a photographer; one finds it tedious to capture a perfect image of the couple and their guests. A solution to all these problems with regards to the disturbances is not available, the only other way to produce the best of finished images to the customer (in this case, “the couple”) would be to outsource it to a firm that takes care of Image Editing. Wedding photographers fly to the place of the ceremony, shoot as many images as possible and then outsource these images to a trustworthy firm. Despite that he has a hard time clicking the images at the event, a professional photographer must find ways to navigate himself. Sometimes it is hard for the photographers, even the best ones at that and that is the reason for Image Editing.

Most of the outsourcing companies look to find limits in providing services and excel in them in order rise and beat their competition to the top. India is on the top step in terms of the number of Outsourcing companies and the quality they offer, closely followed by its competitors. The skill and the concentration that goes into producing quality results is clear in these countries and it takes a lot of effort to step up and deliver satisfactory results. Outsourcing depends on a few complicated factors like hiring a team for various services, each service demands different pattern of work and training. Freelancing companies have training campaigns based on the expectations from the services. In the today world when compared with those from the yester years, internet plays a very important role. Anything that goes on the internet is visible to people around the globe and those with greater importance are recognizable and valued to a great effect.

Prancing back to wedding images, it is a difficult task to edit these images and that is reason professional photographers choose to outsource them. Outsourcing companies hire photo editors whose skill and years of experience in handling large volumes of images come in quite handy. These editors will not only edit images at a faster pace but also carry out the most difficult techniques with 100% accuracy which is all the more reason to outsource image editing services. They also offer other image related services like:

• Image Post Processing Services

• Wedding Image Enhancement Services

• Photo Restoration Services

• Image Manipulation Services

• Image Clipping Services

• Panorama Map Services

• Photo Editing Services

• Photo Cutout Services

• Image Background Removal Services

• Photo Retouching Services

• Photo Resizing Services

• Image Colorization Services.

Abdul Gaffar has been working on Photo Editing Services for a long time now and has written more than 200 articles explaining various forms of Image Editing services like Picture Enhancement and Panorama Stitching services.